Blind spots affect even talented senior teams either within one NGO and across several working on a joint programme. They produce ongoing problems such as silo mentalities, poor communication, under achievement and stress. They can also create cultures based on hubris, blame, indifference, greed etc. which though felt, are rarely articulated or fully seen - hence blind spot.

I specialise in helping team members notice blind spots and discover innovative new answers to the challenges they present. I do this either as a new team forms, needs to be turned round due to performance difficulties or wants to up its game to the next level.

My approach is refreshingly simple. It helps teams avoid these common challenges and accomplish the following:
  • Going round in circles - by reading tricky situations clearly and pinpointing what will aid progress more precisely
  • Feeling baffled by others' behaviour - by understanding what makes us humans tick and creates the experiences we have
  • Same old solutions - by realising invisible mindsets are the lens through which teams navigate the challenges before them
  • Mood swings - by seeing how inhibiting and enabling mindsets work and why both show up in conversations
  • Misunderstanding culture - by noticing dialogue's role in shaping a team's felt 'vibe' or culture
  • Solving the wrong problem - by learning laser-like listening, avoiding taboos, disagreeing healthily and solving problems at the root cause
  • Not linking culture to performance  - by recognising how purposeful cultures, where people feel psychologically safe and vulnerability is seen as a strength, deliver more
  • Misunderstanding what drives change - by knowing what transforms mindsets.  
I'm here to help in two ways: offer advice and coach teams who need to resolve challenge/s in new ways.
I love what I do. I feel privileged to have been alongside many leaders during periods of change and when making key decisions.

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I will have a 90 minute conversation to help you resolve an issue in your team I will have a 90 minute conversation to help you resolve an issue in your team
I will have a 90 minute conversation to help you resolve an...
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