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ImpactXchange has been selected as a Sustainable Development Goals Fellow, set up by Impact Hub and UNDP Cambodia.




What is a task?

Tasks are 1 hour to 6 month individual assignments carried out remotely with clear outcomes and deliverables within a project. Here are some examples:

  • Information leaflet for a new health programme
  • New logo design for NGO
  • Literature review on gender & humanitarian aid
  • Grant application for African based Education Charity
  • Research paper on refugee crisis in Jordan

How mush does using ImpactXchange cost?

It’s absolutely free!

We only keep a percentage from each successfully completed transaction. The fee varies depending on the total value of the transaction and/or status of the seller. There are no fees to pay on any voluntary work taken place on ImpactXchange.

For more details click here.

Who will see the tasks?

ImpactXchange is open to all. However, no one can contact you on the platform unless they are a registered user. Once registered, organisations from all over the world can view your tasks.

Are all the tasks voluntary/paid assignments?

Both. An organisation can request for an unpaid task or paid task. And a professional can offer a paid or unpaid service/task. ImpactXchange only charges a commission for paid tasks.

How does ImpactXchange ensure the safety of the transaction?

Payment is taken from the organisation/buyer when they buy a professional’s/seller’s service. The payment is held secure until the work is delivered & the organisation confirms that the service is performed to their satisfaction.

Once the organisation is happy with the service performed, they can mark the transaction complete, and NGOexchange will make sure that the professional gets paid.