We’ve rebranded from NGOexchange to ImpactXchange

NGOexchange.com has rebranded to become ImpactXchange.co to reflect the growing number of charities and social enterprises using the platform to create positive social impact around the world.

After an incredible first 7 months of activity helping organisations achieve more with less we felt that ImpactXchange was more inclusive to the diverse people and organisations that are taking advantage of the world’s first freelancing platform focused exclusive on social good.

We’ve been overwhelmed and humbled by the success of the platform in such a short time. Actually, it came as a surprise that so many organisations that are not NGOs were using our platform. When we conducted interviews with these users we discovered that they had been drawn to our platform by our community of freelancers that are motivated to help causes they believe in whilst earning money at the same time. Nowadays we are seeing that people are drawn to more than just money.

The name change and rebranding is just the start of a number of new innovations for ImpactXchange as we continue to develop a platform and community of worldwide collaborators. Plans on the horizon for us include the gamification of the UNs Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to encourage more labour to pursue their noble and important objectives and a global ambassador program which will see an ImpactXchange.co representative in every continent by the end of 2019.

It’s a great time for social enterprises and NGOs as people and technology are coming together to help create massive social change and help the world confidently move into the 21st century.

October 26, 2018