About Us

ImpactXchange’s mission is to bring billion-dollar savings to the International Development sector through sharing technology. Through connecting organisations’ needs to a motivated pool of talented professionals we see a future of highly efficient and effective use of resources that means missions are met, people are helped and the planet is protected.

We are a global freelancing platform creating positive social impact bringing together onto one platform:

  • Organisations who are in need of getting tasks completed.
  • Professionals who are looking for task based projects.

Tasks are 1 hour to 6 month individual assignments carried out remotely with clear outcomes and deliverables within a project.

Our aim is to help organisations get more done with less and to give professionals who are looking for task based projects the opportunity to work for organisations around the world that match their interests and passions.

The commercial sector has demonstrated that for companies and organisations task based platform can:

Save Money

Contract only for what is needed. Use your NGOs resources efficiently by buying skills only when you need them.

Save Time

Get talent quickly, get the task done quickly & reduce administrative time.


To thousands of professionals worldwide with NGO specific skills. People out there want to help your NGO get great work done.

Provide Access

To a global talent pool beyond your NGOs immediate network. Connections matter when it comes to getting the right people for the job.

Increase Ease

Contact, contract and arrange payment all in one place. Manage the billing and payment of freelance workers easily and securely with our fully encrypted payments system.

Improve Quality

Of work that originally might not have had the right people with the specific skillset to complete it.

The Team

We are a group of collaborators from all over the world that together make ImpactXchange.co work.

Our CEO, Roya Karimnia, has a background in Health Economics and Monitoring & Evaluation with a Masters Degree in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The idea for ImpactXchange came to Roya whilst searching for ways to make the International Development Organisations she worked for more efficient. Comparing the International Development Sector to the private sector Roya saw efficiencies that she felt could make a huge difference to the missions of thousands of International Development Organisations around the world.

We live in an age of connectivity. My dream is that charities, social enterprises, NGOs, non-profits etc. around the world can access the skills they need to better perform their missions at the click of a button. We developed ImpactXchange.co because Task Based Working is the best way to connect thousands of passionate people worldwide to the needs of our planet and the people in it

We’re Hiring!

We are hiring in many areas of the project. If you have skills to offer ImpactXchange.co please get in touch by email – info@impactXchange.co